Hokkaidō (Japanese: 北海道, literally “Northern Sea Circuit”) is the province has the largest area, is Japan’s second largest island. Japanese cuisine is growing in popularity and is a favorite for Vietnamese because of its sophistication, diversity, safety and healthy. Japanese food is famous as the “World’s Most Delicious” and with the meticulousness of HOKKAIDO chef will surely conquer diners with delicious food, spectacular as exactly as Japanese cuisine. Japanese restaurant HOKKAIDO gives diners the impression of a modern Japanese restaurant but still bold the cultural traditions of the “Land of the Rising Sun”, where diners can feel fully the essence of Japanese cuisine and culture. Dining in Hokkaido restaurant, besides the Menu of typical dishes of Japanese cuisine, diners have the opportunity to enjoy special dishes called Genghis Khan Lamb BBQ which diners found nowhere in HCMC.

The Genghis Khan pot looks like special helmet, made of cast-iron. Mutton is thinly sliced and mixed with vegetables (bean sprouts, cabbage and pumpkin) are fried and baked. Perhaps it stems from the name of a favorite food of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire or perhaps it stems from the Mongolian lamb roast on the helmet of the warrior. With the cozy, stylish and cool space and the warm, friendly and attentive services, it’s suitable for families on the weekends or with friends to enjoy the delicious dining or to entertain your customers. HOKKAIDO goal is to meet the needs of diners. Hopefully we will make you satisfy with the enthusiasm and hospitable attitude of our staffs. Dining in HOKKAIDO restaurant to enjoy the taste of Japanese cuisine in the center of HCMC.